Tech Talk | Mintegral 100-Day Celebration: 250M DAU, Dissecting This Number in 3 Sentences

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Tech Talk | Mintegral 100-Day Celebration: 250M DAU, Dissecting This Number in 3 Sentences
Mobvista, admin, January 10, 2017

 100 days after its launch, how is Mintegral delivering its promise of “monetizing developers’ dreams”?

Erick Fang, Chief Product Officer of Mobvista, revealed this product in September. At the Mintegral 100-day celebration, he shared Mintegral’s incubation-launch-evolution process and explain how APP developers achieve high yields with this invisible system.

“SDK DAU Rise from 180M to 250M”
On September 20, Mobvista announced Mintegral, China’s first native and video ad mediation platform, filling the gap in this market. Actually, this monetization system got online secretly in last June and kept evolving ever since.

During this period, many Chinese developers entering global markets like Camera360, SHAREit, 360 Security, and Clean Master chose Mintegral for monetization. Just like what we saw, Camera360 and SHAREit expressed their support on the day of Mintegral launch.

After its launch in June, 2015, its DAUs surpassed 50 million by year-end, 100 million in mid-2016, 150 million in August and 180 million on September 20. The users increased very rapidly thanks to many developers carrying products loved by over 100 million users.

History of Mintegral SDK DAUs

Based on the above performance, Mintegral is the leading third party platform only after Google Admob and Facebook.

Regarding ad formats, our concept is ad-as-content, or low interference. To this end, we choose native ad and make optimization in two directions. One is to better integrate ads, while the other is to make ads more interesting. Today, Mintegral’s most popular ads are Native Feeds Ads and Rewarded Video.

Native Feeds Ads

Native Feeds Ads are integrated together with APPs for lower interference and high retention rate in non-rewarded way, and improve user engagement through custom design to ensure great user experiences.

Rewarded Video Ads

The left picture uses Lightning Play™ Video technology and places rewarded video ads in entertainment APPs. Clicking the ad will lead to video replay page. Most videos are 15s/30s without the need for buffering. High quality video ads guide deep user engagement and result in high conversion rate. The right picture is to support video replay in feeds ads page for exposure that are more native .
In addition, Mintegral also updated and upgraded after its launch, such as “Brand / Performance Synergy”. Besides performance ads, brand ads are added. From the perspective of user experiences, users will see some “elegant” ads. From revenue perspective, developers will have more revenue since brand ads provide better prices than traditional performance ads.

Ads of Samsung and Uber in APPs cooperating with Mintegral. At present, brand advertisers cooperating with Mobvista also include Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Amazon, Cheetah Mobile, Disney, Starbucks, Chow Tai Fook,, NetEase Game, etc.

Since most brand advertisers prefer native and video ads. Therefore, we suggest developers to provide more slots for native or video ads.

“We are the monetization team of developers”
The starting point determines whether a thing can be successful or not and whether the future key path is smooth. First, we position ourselves as the “in-house monetization team of developers”, which is totally different from “a department helping developers monetize”.

From service perspective, Mintegral provides one-stop services to developers. Our idea is to help developers maximize revenue. We not only provide custom monetization solutions for developers, but also monitor real-time data, helping developers to further optimize revenue.

Rediscover Mintegral

Mintegral is a comprehensive monetization system, including native ad resource mediation, operation dashboard, smart ad recommendation and more. It is also China’s first native and video ad mediation platform. This powerful mobile Supply-Side Platform (SSP) developed by Mobvista provides developers a global monetization solution for maximized revenue through custom native ads and algorithms. By improving our own capabilities and acquiring other companies (American leading native ad company NativeX and European leading mobile game analytics company GameAnalytics), Mobvsita created Mintegral, a closed-loop ad ecosystem.

Mobvista founder and CEO Robin Duan explained Mintegral. M represents Mobile, Monetization, Mediation and Mobvista. Plus integral in mathematics, we hope to integrate Mobvista’s all capabilities on Mintegral system and provide highest monetization efficiency for developers.