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Market Chat | Mobvista Shows You Around the World - Asia
Mobvista, admin, January 11, 2017

Recommended experiences:
· Wearing summer clothes on the Winter Solstice
· Find Canton Tower in sunset
· Experience the essence of Yuancun - Redtory
· Wander in the LOFT-style offices

In December when most places in China are in winter, Guangzhou’s daily average temperature is still 20+℃. The summer clothes everywhere are just as beautiful as Bauhinia blakeana Dunn flowers across the city.

Beauty outside of Mobvista’s office

Good scenery comes from good place. As such a good place, Redtory is the essence of Yuancun, Guangzhou, and the birthplace of the world first can of “fried dace with salted black beans”. Formerly Guangdong Cannery, it has many USSR-style buildings. The 6-storey building C8, the highest one in Redtory, is the headquarters of Mobvista in Guangzhou. In this building, you can have all sceneries before your eyes.

According to biased statistics, such an environment attracts over 500 tourists, arty youths, Taobao models and photographers, morning and evening runners and dog walkers etc.

All sceneries can be seen through windows of building C8, where your pride arises spontaneously.
How can there be not good foods at such beautiful Redtory and Yuancun? As a Yuancuner, we responsibly announce a food map in Yuancun after long-term investigation:

Sorry, such a map doesn’t exist. Please tell me if you find some.

Recommended experiences:
· Smog
· Top industry gatherings
· Receiving awards at the Great Hall of the People

The capital city is really unique for having the 25th solar term – smog. Different from winterless Guangzhou, it feels good (?) to be freezing in Beijing. Due to visibility problem in outdoor environment, you may not tell man from woman and feel insecure. You may feel lost when seeing no CCTV building.

You can only live on your imagination. In clear skies, you can see all the beautiful sceneries from Mobvista’s office in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Early in 2015, Mobvista established Beijing R&D Center and attracted researchers from Baidu, Alibaba and other top Internet companies. Meanwhile, our core product team is also in Beijing. A group of top talents gather in Beijing as the major technological driving force for Mobvista.

As an important site for industry events, Beijing also witnessed the rapid development of Mobvista and the mobile marketing industry. In September, Mobvista held a new product and strategy launch conference in Beijing. Before and after the event, Mobvista won numerous industry awards.

It feels great to receive awards at the Great Hall of the People

Seoul, South Korea
Recommended experiences:

· Watch Korean dram and learn Korean language
· Move offices twice within 3 months
· Meet stars by taxi
· Take Korea-style photos at local scenery spots
· Eat barbecue and drink Soju

Our friends in South Korea are unwilling to or can’t speak English. While a small thing in daily communication, the language gap is a big problem in business. The first thing after landing in Seoul is to breathe clean air in kimchi and doenjang flavor. The second thing is to learn Korean.

Know the industry:
Just like western countries, South Korea is a mature mobile Internet market and a strategic market for this industry. After all, South Korea has the world highest Internet access speed. Korean advertisers have strict requirements for traffic quality. Due to reasons like language barrier and cumbersome communication process, local agencies have dominant advantages, controlling most marketing budgets and delegating level by level in Korea. These make it more difficult for international agencies to enter Korean market.

As one of the first companies entering Korean mobile marketing market with high entry barriers, Mobvista has built a local team with near 10 members.

Mobvista opened its South Korea office in Gangnam, Seoul. As the team expands rapidly, we have to move again in early December. It is said the space outside of the office was shining on the day South Korean president Park Geun-hye was impeached.

Celebrate by eating and drinking

As long as you work hard, you can talk with taxi drivers within two days: “Ajiaxi, balibali!” In this way, you can catch up to meet your favorite stars and travel around.

Go to parks and take photos of blue skies, white clouds and grasslands

You don’t want to miss local culture.

Life isn’t always pretty, just like the president in Cheong Wa Dae, who might also be impeached. Stuff like lemon are also necessary in life. Talking about wild, no other country can compare to India.

New Delhi, India
Recommended experiences:
· Buses with people hanging around
· Travel around the city by tuk-tuks
· Banknotes you just withdraw are no longer valid

Workout first by taking buses. You can see the wile India not only at the parade ground, but also common roads.

Take photos along the way in this unique country

Know the industry:
Bypassing PC Internet and directly entering mobile Internet era, the younger generation is native to mobile Internet. There are 374 million Internet users and 324 million mobile Internet users in India, very close. Among 1.3 billion population, 76% have mobile devices. This is why India is called the first overseas station by the mobile marketing industry. There are numerous industry reports and white books about India.

With $44 billion FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), India surpassed China to become the world largest FDI destination in 2015. It huge potential has been recognized by the world.

You have to try tuk-tuks which is the symbol of vitality and soul of Intel! They rampage around streets and are main transportation vehicles in the city. Last year, Uber launched UberAuto in New Delhi for tuk-tuks. It’s really wild!

There are wilder things here. For example, the banknotes you just withdrew yesterday night are useless today. As India abolished larger banknotes, ATMs are labelled “NO CASH” soon one after another. At India’s largest Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in November, people greeted each other by saying “Did you withdraw money? Do you have any cash?” Even the host demonstrated its empty wallet. “Complaining about impoverishment” is an unforgettable memory at this industry event.

Questioning your life? It’s better for you to find a place and calm down.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Recommended experiences:
· Stare at the city’s skyline silently

With the world fourth largest and Southeast Asia largest population, Indonesia is “the world most congested country”. You will immediately see the charm of this big country after setting your feet on this land.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, also called the city of coconut, is the largest city in Southeast Asia and a famous seaport. Among the world top200 largest cities, Jakarta rose from the 171st place to one of top20 in recent years. The co-existing old shorter buildings and new higher buildings and the rich and the poor people have strong impact both visually and psychologically. People also see the vitality of this city.

Know the industry:
“Mobile” has become one of the labels of this fastest-growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia with various outdoor APP ads everywhere. According to eMarketer, Indonesia’s smartphone users will surpass 100 million by 2018, the world fourth largest country after China, India and US. You cannot ignore the long history between Indonesians and Blackberry. As Indonesia was colonized by western countries for a long time, they have more western habits. In this circumstance, Indonesian people have higher demands for email, which lays the foundation for Blackberry’s popularity. According to Blackberry, the most popular social APP in Indonesia is Blackberry’s BBM. There are 60 million active BBM users in Indonesia with population of 250 million. Comparatively, there are about 50 million WhatsApp users. While the Blackberry empire has fallen, its glory still shines in Indonesia.

As many social APPs are not available in Blackberry phones, Indonesian people who are crazy about selfie are turning to smartphones. Today, Android smartphones are exploding in Indonesia.
In the world fourth largest country, you can predict what would happen based on what have happened in China. Jakarta has its uniqueness, very different from China. While you cannot make sure, you might have more expectations in this specific industry or all dimensions our knowledge can cover.

It helps to clear your mind and recharge yourself by looking at the sea levels and skylines.

Why travel around the world?
The boss approved!

“When the Internet wars start, we are the arms dealer,” said Mobvista CEO Robin Duan in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Traffic is our “weapon”.

Traffic is naturally borderless and global. While in this business, how can we stay in one place? Just like traffic, we are the world citizens traveling around the world. Our 12 offices in the world are our stations when traveling through different time zones.

By traveling around the world, we the young people have the chance to see and experience the different and diversified world. We just cannot wait to share with you some unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned for the next: Mobvista shows you around the world – Europe and America.