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Market Chat | Mobvista Shows You Around the World - Europe & U.S.
Mobvista, admin, January 13, 2017

I Passionate Office

A place you stay for nine or more hours per day, your office is another home in some sense. Traveling through streets in winds from the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, you enter your office and start your day. The darkness before your eyes is the filter effect created by your remaining sleepiness:

London wakes up at 9:00am (GMT)

Five hours later across the Atlantic Ocean, a computer, with many to-do list stickers, in an office in San Francisco boots up.

Refreshing option A: Make a cup of tea at the tea room (a common option at Mobvista’s London office)

Refreshing option B: Brainstorm (a common option at Mobvista’s US office)

Refreshing option C: look up and wake up with warm photos

Refreshing option D: Have fun!

Everything is great except the jet lag, which is part of Amanda’s pressure when working at the San Francisco office and coordinating things in China and US. She has to work immediately after opening her eyes. But for customers in US, it is more convenient to communicate. Therefore, she got more reliance and a sense of achievements. (Another “achievement” is to pass the OT virus to your colleagues in other countries who has planned to go off work.)

Bubble found a difference between China and US at Mobvista’s Minnesota office. Local office workers separate life and work clearly: serious with work and friendly outside of work. They love smiling, while Chinese colleagues are generally introverted. In such environment, she becomes more active.

Culture exchange activities are held to eliminate culture shock and enhance mutual understanding between colleagues from China and US. While Chinese colleagues contributed fried eggs with tomatoes, wok-fried pork with chili and Mapo tofu, our US colleagues contributed “simple meal”.

II Go Wild

Everyone loves travel since you can get fresh feelings when switching from routines to new paths. Travel is the spice of life like lemon. Although the “new paths” are just routines of some others, it means exploring the unknown and exotic things. What you get in travels include knowledge and experiences, self-upgrading and stories.

At Mobvista, we work and play around the world.

Means of play include but are not limited to:
Playing football and Frisbee at the grassland in Minnesota
Drinking in team building activities
Shooting in US (try to understand the rationality of owning guns)
Meeting in San Francisco (taking photos with Golden Gate Bridge)
Deliver speech in Berlin (and give away drinks)
Feed pigeons in Amsterdam

Mobvista’s US office has a grassland: a playground outside of the door of our subsidiary NativeX. There is also a bigger grassland than the one at Mobvista headquarters in Guangzhou, great for playing Frisbee. Every US colleague has a Frisbee with their names, reminding your childhood.

Drinking is a must in team building activities. After all, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk with a number of friends around.

Shooting at weekends. You will have new understanding on owning guns.

After bodybuilding, you can travel around the world without pressure! You can see people from Mobvista everywhere the industry events are held, such as:

Delivered a speech in Berlin, Germany, and sponsored all drinks.

Exhibited in San Francisco and caught a glimpse the Golden Gate Bridge


Surrounded by pigeons when participating a meeting in Amsterdam


III Heart, brain and stomach are all on the way

Wherever it is in the parking lot in UK, the Great Lakes in US, and Berlin Wall and streets, you can use your eyes and techniques to capture all the beauties. Our colleagues at Mobvista, a technology-driven mobile Internet company, are also good beauty capturers:

An anti-TV pioneer at Time Square Jewish Monuments in Berlin

Visit Google

Facebook and Google account for 85% global spending on digital ads. As a mobile market platform immediately following them in many industry rankings, Mobvista eyes on industry leaders in terms of technology and innovation. Leaders are there to be surpassed.

Our Chinese stomachs are also on the way, traveling around with us. They deserve delicious foods!