Industry Insider | Five Sets of Data on Why Native Video Is the Best Way to Attract Young People

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Industry Insider | Five Sets of Data on Why Native Video Is the Best Way to Attract Young People
sharethrough, Mobvista, March 07, 2017

 3/4 mobile traffic will be video by 2020, predicts Cisco in a report on global mobile traffic last year.


Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will be almost a video company within five years.


What is the magic of video and native video?

Live on videos


Young generation (young generation born after 1995) watch videos on smartphones the most.

74% people watch videos on smartphones for over half an hour and 1/6 for over two hours.



Sharethrough’s survey on Gen Z (18-21) last year found, although 52% still watch TV, more people (71%) watch videos on mobile devices. Today’s young generation lives on smartphones and native ad is the only ad format that respects users of mobile devices.


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How? By connecting to Mobvista Mintegral, a native ad+ video ad mediation platform, simply integrate our lightweighted SDK, the Mintegral monetization team and senior design team will customize monetization solution, design ad slots and estimate revenue for you. First thing first, we make ads FUN


Social media is the force behind

Such high consumption of video is driven by social platforms

In the same survey, over half Gen Z users said they watch videos on Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat every day. Unlike YouTube, these social platforms abandoned traditional disturbing ad models. Instead, they use native ads and reshape users’ perception and expectation on what are good ad experiences.


The rise of social media makes feeds the dominant consumption experience.

91% millennials find and consume contents in feeds.


Feeds create a whole generation of loyal consumers who slips over endless feeds, while native ad is the only appropriate ad form.


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Camera360 combines native feeds seamless in the App through Mintegral without damaging user experiences and with higher eCPM.

Watching videos all day


Smartphone is a part of young generations who watch videos every day


For young generations, watching videos is at the bottom of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchies of Needs, especially when they’re at home. At home, 76% people watch videos every day while holding back at schools (32%) and companies (29%).

Young people prefer automatically muted replay

77% Gen Z prefer automatically muted replay without clicking

79% believe the first seconds will decide whether they should continue or not

67% prefer to read titles and descriptions while watching muted videos


Just like this ↓

Support video display at feeds page


SHAREit, the national App in India, enables multiple native ads by connecting to Mintegral, a native + video ad mediation platform.


Get to know Mintegral

On September 20, 2016, Mintegral, China’s first native and video ad mediation platform, was launched. This powerful mobile Supply-Side Platform (SSP) developed by Mobvista provides developers a global monetization solution for maximized revenue. Smart algorithms and mediated top quality international ad sources combine with customizable native ad formats for optimal performance.


Mintegral’s SDK DAU reached 180 million before its launch on September 20, and 250 million in December. Many Chinese leading developers like Camera360, 360 Security, SHAREit and Clean Master chose Mintegral for monetization.

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