Having a conversation with Dock Kim, the VP of Sales at NativeX, a Mobvista Company

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Having a conversation with Dock Kim, the VP of Sales at NativeX, a Mobvista Company
Morketing, April 20, 2017


Dock Kim,the VP of Sales atNativeX,a Mobvista Company.

Morketing: Talk about the market scales of Internet mobile marketing in this region and the development potential of future?


Dock Kim:By year's end, 75% of online content consumption will be mobile. Worldwide app store downloads reached over 90 billion. App publishers made over $35 billion in revenue.  The US is one of the biggest markets and I expect growth to continue.


Morketing: What do you think about is the particularity of this regional market?


Dock Kim:Gaming clients have been the early adopters of mobile marketing.  However we are now seeing non-gaming and your fortune 500 brands making mobile marketing a priority.


Morketing: What Mobvista's targeting clients in this market? Who are your main advertisers and Why? Does Mobvista cooperate with them directly or via agencies?  


Dock Kim:We are currently working with the top gaming and brands in the world.  These top companies work with us because our solution is performance based and our technology makes it easy for them to work with us.  We work with the clients directly and/or with their agencies.  We can accommodate any buying relationship the client prefers.   


Morketing: What Mobvista’s business model(paid by CPM/CPC/CPA etc) in this local market?


Dock Kim:Currently the most preferred modelis CPI.  However if the client wants to pay further down the purchase funnel on a CPE basis, we feel strongly that through our optimization technology we can make that happen.


Morketing: How about the media resources in the local market? Which kind is the most popular?


Dock Kim:Most clients want to buy The savvy clients will test all media.  From offer wall, display, rewarded video to playable ads.  The advertisers today have become very sophisticated so finding good quality users is more important than the ad unit.  The key is to not to fall in love with a particular ad unit and focus onthe results.


Morketing: How will you estimate the development degree of the mobile marketing in this local market? What are the differences compared to other regions? Where’s the potential and how will you expect from this market?


Dock Kim:We now live in a global economy and mobile mirrors that.  We are seeing strong growth in the US and well and Asia.  Since Mobvista originated from Asia, we are a dominate player there but we recognize the US market is a very important market for us.  We are putting a lot of focus and investment into the US market and currently experiencing tremendous growth.  Our goal is to be a global company with localized services.


Morketing: From your perspective, could youplease tell one of the most obvious trends?


Dock Kim:Rewarded video continues to see year over year growth.  It's a great solution because it caters to the entire mobile ecosystem of advertisers, publishers and the end user.  Advertisers love the high quality users they obtain, publishers love the high eCPM the ads generate and users love the value exchange model.  Everyone wins!


Morketing: For Chinese going-out companies,how's the market capacity for different kinds of products from Internet companies and traditional brands?


Dock Kim:Chinese companies are recognized as top brands in the world. Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are just as recognized as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Chinese companies have done a nice job of getting their products in the hands of the US consumers.  I think there's bigger growth opportunities ahead for the Chinese companies as China-out is widely accepted, especially in the mobile space.  It will come down to innovation.  Whoever innovates quickly and the best products will win the consumers.