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Advertising: Mobile video for creativity
In the here and now, mobile video ads may not be able to do everything they can on the desktop – yet – but it’s clear where the industry is heading.


What is the Adtech Industry Doing to Combat Ad Fraud?
What exactly is mobile ad fraud, and what is the mobile advertising industry doing to combat it?


View-Through Attribution: Is It A Better Way To Measure Advertising?
View-Through Attribution (we’ll use VTA from here forward) takes the very simple idea that people aren’t always ready to take an action when they see an advert. With Facebook adopting the attribution method in September 2016 last year, we wanted to find out more about what is going on. We spoke to Jake Lee, head of operations for Mobvista’s Ad Center and general manager at our North American office to find out more about VTA, and what it means for advertisers.