For Advertiser- Engage your audience at every mobile touch point

For Advertisers

Leverage our extensive supply of social and programmatic media and engage your audience at every mobile touchpoint

Mobvista is connected to all the key social media channels, in many cases with exclusive access to programmatic media. Take advantage of our cross-media intelligent ad management platform and work with a dedicated team focused on making your campaigns a success.

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Top Media Marketing Solution
Tell compelling story across
media that matter most
Programmatic Buying Solution
Tap into a premier and
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Affiliate Marketing Solution
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ultimate flexibility

Comprehensive reach with unlimited impact

Top Media Marketing Solution

Scale your mobile business with our truly connected platform. We’ve got you covered across all the most important media sources worldwide.
Through established partnerships with the top Chinese media brands we can get your products in front of a huge audience.
Our cross-media intelligent ad management platform intelligently manages your ad creatives, and combined with Mobvista’s DMP,
your media buying strategy can be fully customized and optimized.
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  • Snapchat
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  • Top Buzz
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Snapchat
  • Top Buzz
  • Google
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  • Top Buzz
  • Facebook
  • Top Buzz
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
10 BillionDaily ad impressions 2 BillionDaily reaches 200+Countries & Regions targeted 300 MillionMintegral SDK DAU

Connected Platform

Programmatic Buying Solution

Benefit from our direct partnerships with thousands of popular apps, all integrated with our Supply-Side Platform. Access over 20 leading ad exchanges and premium video ad inventories. Let us help you deliver high quality campaigns with limitless scale.

* Works on all platforms

Affiliate Marketing Solution

Mobvista supports multiple pricing models including CPI/CPA/CPS/CPL. Through precise operation of
diverse traffic and proprietary anti-fraud technology, you can gain premium traffic at a massive scale.
Our established partnership with over 3,000 channels enables us to make informed selection on
traffic suppliers, and we can therefore provide you with the best matching affiliate traffic.

Pay on an app install
Pay on any action
setby advertiser
(a sale, a registration etc)
Pay on the basis of
the number of sales
Pay on a number of
leads generated

Global coverage of 3,000 channels

Precision Targeting

Precise targeting fueled by our data powerhouse, with multi-dimensional user data profiles

Get the most value from your campaigns with our data-driven targeting. Based on a massive amount of data processed on a daily basis, informed predictions, on which ad interests a user most, will be delivered to ensure accurate targeting. Your campaigns will be self-optimizing and improved over time with precise predictions-all powered by analyzed data.

  • Demographic Attributes
  • Roles
  • Mobile Behavior
  • Interests

Anti-fraud Tech Expert

Protecting your spend with proprietary anti-fraud technology

Our Anti-fraud Partners

  • distil networks
  • fraudlogix
Real-time Examination
We have created our own five-stage, anti-fraud detection technology. We prevent ad fraud with the help of our partners and a dedicated team.
Offline Analysis
Based on accumulated data, we analyze all of our traffic on a daily and weekly basis to identify abnormalities and fight sophisticated fraud.
Mixed Mechanism
Our online and offline analysis helps combat fraud and provide the highest level of security for your traffic. The data dashboard we provide lets you monitor your performance and data in real-time.
Custom Solutions
We don’t take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. We offer custom solutions to fit your technical needs and policy requirements. We make sure our anti-fraud suite fits around your campaign.

Creative Edge

Mobvista Creative Lab

Take your creative to a whole new level. We’ve expanded our in-house creative team, so now you can work directly with the designer and showcase your products in the best way possible with Mobvista’s Interactive, Playable and 3D ad formats.Learn more about our ad formats →

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