For Advertiser- Engage your audience at every mobile touch point

For Advertisers

Leverage extensive supply & engage your audience at every mobile touch point

Mobvista is the global market leader in video and native ads with access to an extensive and exclusive supply. Take advantage of our advanced technology and work with a dedicated team focused on making your campaigns a success.

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Smart Technology
We’re building the next generation of mobile marketing automation tools and services for global brands and marketers. Access our global inventories and utilize our DSP for efficient programmatic buying and manageable real-time bidding.
The World As Your Audience
Your campaigns’ global scalability is promised. With 1000+ global partnered apps and premium ad inventories, you’ll gain traffic covering 200+ countries and regions.
Dedicated to Your Success
We've been advising global brands on how to reach their advertising goals since 2013 and we'll help you with anything from giving advice on your creatives to trading on your behalf.

Smarter Reach With Unlimited Impact

Brand engagement driven by
advanced data technology

Brand and performance advertisers benefit from our performance-driven solutions.
Our algorithms ensure you speak to the right audience and maximize the return of your investment.

10 BillionDaily ad impressions 2 BillionDaily reaches 200+Countries & Regions targeted 300 MillionMintegral SDK DAU

Precision Targeting

Precise targeting fueled by our data powerhouse, with multi-dimensional user data profiles

Get the most value from your campaigns with our data-driven targeting. Based on a massive amount of data processed on a daily basis, informed predictions, on which ad interests a user most, will be delivered to ensure accurate targeting. Your campaigns will be self-optimizing and improved over time with precise predictions-all powered by analyzed data.

  • Demographic Attributes
  • Roles
  • Mobile Behavior
  • Interests

Connected Platform

Harness the power of a truly connected platform

Benefit from our direct partnerships with thousands of apps integrated with our Supply-Side Platform. Let us help you deliver quality campaigns with limitless scale.

* Works on all platforms

Creative Edge

Work with our talented designers for ads that convert

Take advantage of our diverse range of ad formats including rewarded video, native in-feed video and native ads. Work with our dedicated creative team to optimize your ads and create the best possible ad experience.Learn more about our ad formats →

Anti-fraud Tech Expert

Protecting your spend with proprietary anti-fraud technology

Our Anti-fraud Partners

  • distil networks
  • fraudlogix
Real-time Examination
We have created our own five-stage, anti-fraud detection technology. We prevent ad fraud with the help of our partners and a dedicated team.
Offline Analysis
Based on accumulated data, we analyze all of our traffic on a daily and weekly basis to identify abnormalities and fight sophisticated fraud.
Mixed Mechanism
Our online and offline analysis helps combat fraud and provide the highest level of security for your traffic. The data dashboard we provide lets you monitor your performance and data in real-time.
Custom Solutions
We don’t take a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. We offer custom solutions to fit your technical needs and policy requirements. We make sure our anti-fraud suite fits around your campaign.

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