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Get right to the heart of the biggest market in the world

With over 800 million people connected to the mobile Internet, China is the world’s single biggest market for mobile apps.

As the leading China-based platform with a global presence, Mobvista has extensive experience and a deep understanding
of how to successfully launch and market apps in this complex and unique market.

Over the years we have built a long-term partnership with some of the biggest Chinese media channels, allowing us to get
our clients products in front of over 1 billion consumers.

A unified platform that gives you total data transparency and hassle-free campaign management

A real-time automated reporting system that compiles
mainstream digital media targets within China.

The choice of English or Chinese dashboards - with all
campaign metrics fully translated.

A comprehensive and automated campaign management
system supported by Mobvista’s proprietary technology.

Explore China with Mobvista
  • A certified official partner with all key Chinese media platforms
    Mobvista is an authorised ad service provider to all China’s top media channels and has established relationships with leading media. Our team also keep our pool of media resource refresh to meet the diverse needs of your many products.
  • An in-house team of top media marketing experts
    Our China-based media buying teams are some of the leading experts in the Chinese media landscape with proven experience working with renowned clients and media channels as well.
  • Exclusive China Market Localization Guidance: Solution Pack
    Our customized Solution Pack includes: China Monetization Guidebook, Competition Landscape, updated Industry Reports on product category you are in, Media Relationship Management and active Media Resources Discovery.
  • Global Support with Local Execution
    Mobvista offers global campaign support from our network of local offices alongside our comprehensive team of experts based in China, delivering marketing plans that are tailored to your needs.

Explore China’s Android Ecosystem

For anyone considering entering the Chinese market - whether launching for the first time or optimising the
performance of an existing app - Android is the dominant and therefore most important platform.

Almost 80% of smartphones and app revenues are generated by the Android ecosystem in China, which is a
completely different landscape from any other app market in the world.

Here at Mobvista, we have the tools and in-depth knowledge to help you make launching and marketing your
Android apps as simple and effective as possible.

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