March 3, 2022

Video: A Look at Mintegral and Its Programmatic Partners

We asked some of our partners about their experience working with our programmatic platform Mintegral. This is what they said.

Vali Scorus

Marketing Manager

Our programmatic advertising platform Mintegral has had a strong 2021 and a great start to 2022. From Q4 results showing a 256% year-on-year increase to receiving CCPA data privacy validation and being one of the top global ad networks on the AppsFlyer Index, the Adjust Partner Benchmarks Report, and the Singular ROI Index, Mintegral showed significant growth, proving once again that it is an important asset to the Mobvista Group.

Meet the Mintegral partners

To get a better understanding of Mintegral’s recent performance, we wanted to hear straight from some of Mintegral’s global partners. To do this, we sat down with them for a short video interview where we asked them why they chose Mintegral as their partner, what has been their experience with Mintegral so far, and more. Watch the full video below:

Special thanks to the Mintegral partners at Fyber, Ruby Games, TapNation, GOODROID, Triwin Games, SayGames, Rocket Studio, Smillage, and Supercent for taking the time to help with this project!

About Mintegral

The Mobvista Group’s Mintegral platform began as a concept in 2015, with the brand being launched in September 2016 and then starting to operate independently in early 2018. Since then, Mintegral has grown into a global mobile advertising platform, providing advertisers and publishers with high-quality user acquisition, monetization, and creative solutions. Contact the Mintegral team to learn more.