January 14, 2019

Mobile Advertising Events: Four Business Conferences to Attend in 2019

It’s a good time to start thinking which business conferences and exhibitions you’d like to attend. Here are four events or event series that we think are great for people working in the mobile advertising industry.

Yichen Huang

Social Marketing Manager

As we reach the end of 2018 it’s only natural that we start thinking about how to make 2019 as productive as possible. Events are a big part of the mobile industry, with conferences covering UA, games and ad tech all around the world. Choosing the ones that offer the best ROI is something that everyone needs to think about when it comes to another year.

That’s why it’s a good time to start thinking which business conferences and exhibitions you’d like to attend. By planning in advance which events you’ll be attending – and why you’re planning to go – you’ll be all set with invaluable opportunities to learn, network and think throughout the year: setting you up for success in 2019 and beyond.

But which events should you go to? Here are four events or event series that we think are great for people working in the mobile advertising industry.

The App Promotion Summit event series

The App Promotion Summit (APS) is a fixture of the mobile app industry. Taking place three times a year across the world – specifically in London, Berlin and New York – it offers attendees the chance to hear from a range of speakers on stage, attend practical workshops and head into on-site master-classes

We’d argue that one of APS’s biggest strengths is that it is uniquely focused upon the promotion of apps. Unlike other mobile app, gaming or even advertising events, APS maintains its focus on content that sticks to its mission of helping app businesses grow their user bases.

On the one hand, this can be problematic for someone who wants to learn about the app industry in general. The narrow focus does – naturally – limit its scope to tackle bigger topics, meaning someone looking for a general take on the sector may go elsewhere. It’s also more focused towards smaller app businesses – you are unlikely to be rubbing shoulders with people from Facebook, Apple or Supercell. If your objective is purely to drum up sales leads, you may want to think about events that are less about learning, and more about exhibiting.

But for plenty of app marketers, this is a must attend. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, hone your app marketing skills and meet peers in other businesses, APS is probably the best place to do it.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest mobile-focused conference in the world. With over 100,000 people piling into Barcelona every February from businesses across the entire mobile spectrum, MWC gives you the chance to meet, well, just about any key figure you need to meet in the industry.

On the upside, MWC is a fantastic place to make connections with companies who you may not have previously been able to get in touch with before. Practically every major handset maker, network provider, app business, platform holder and advertising company will send someone to attend, giving you a realistic chance of meeting them.

MWC is also big enough to make sure that your whole week can be structured around doing business. With the conference effectively taking over the city of Barcelona for a week, you’ll find it hard not to attend myriad networking events, enjoy the delights of the enormous venue and even find it hard not to stumble into secret networking dinners.

However, MWC’s size can be a bit of a downside too. If you don’t go there with a plan, it’s possible to get swallowed up in the sheer size of it. So make sure to pace yourself by arranging meetings with plenty of time between them. Otherwise, you could easily find yourself charging around an entire city to meet the people you need to meet. It’s also not really a show to just turn up to in the hope of a random meeting or sales lead. Most companies start planning meetings a month ahead, so make sure to start filling up your calendar nice and early.


The Digital Marketing Expo (Dmexco) is another massive conference for anyone interested in mobile advertising or mobile app promotion. Taking place in Cologne every September in the Koelnmesse conference venue, Dmexco broadly covers most topics and companies in the digital marketing ecosystem.

For those looking at the conference side of the equation, Dmexco offers a really engaging mixture of content. Spread across six stages and ranging from traditional keynote style sessions to debates and impromptu speaking sessions, Dmexco will expose you to plenty of bright thinking from across the sector.

And for those aiming to do business, Dmexco offers a huge amount of space (and a large number of people) to meet. With over 1000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees, Dmexco offers a similarly large experience to MWC but with slightly more focus on digital marketing.

If you were looking for a Dmexco downside, it’s possible to argue that its broader digital marketing focus will not make everything there relevant to a mobile audience. This means it is important to construct a schedule on your own that allows you to make the most of Dmexco’s scale by focusing on the topics, people and business of interest to you.


One of the big trends of the past few years has been the emergence of dedicated mobile conferences from businesses rooted in the sector. Providing their spin on the sector and often used to provide value to client bases, these events can be a great place to do business.