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Eujin Oh 2019-11-12

Mobvista’s first mobile marketing seminar in Indonesia: Video Revolution!
Video is a highly effective form of content, and its popularity as an advertising tool is set to grow moving forward. Find out more on how short videos can be leveraged for your advertising campaigns with insights from Mobvista’s first mobile marketing seminar held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Valentin Scorus 2019-11-05

Here’s How to Launch and Grow Your Games Successfully in China
What do the Western publishers need to know about the Chinese mobile ecosystem? What are some of the DO’s and DONT’s of launching in China? Let’s find out!

Valentin Scorus 2019-10-30

What is Mobvista’s App Benchmark Tool and How Can Developers Use It?
We are proud to unveil our newest feature, the Mobvista App Benchmark. You can now evaluate your app's potential success in China before even launching there! Here's how it works.

Harriet Pan 2019-10-25

Sensor Tower Q2 2019 Report: Google Play Downloads Boom while App Store Stalls
Sensor Tower has recently released its Store Intelligence Data Digest (SIDD) for the second quarter of 2019.

Valentin Scorus 2019-10-22

The Rules, Regulations and Certificates Needed to Protect Children Online
Research from OneFamily suggests that children are given their first smartphone at the age of 11. In Ireland, the 2018 Annual Report of Cyber Safe Ireland found that over 90 per cent of children between eight and 13 had a smart device. 12 per cent of them were spending more than four hours a day online.

Valentin Scorus 2019-10-14

What the GameAnalytics 2019 Mobile Benchmarks Report Says About the Industry
How has the mobile gaming industry been doing in the last 12 months? We had a look at the 2019 Mobile Benchmarks report by GameAnalytics to find out. Here’s what we learned.