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Mobvista 2021-03-15

To Infinity and Beyond, 8 Years of Mobvista
Fast forward 8 years and with a market value of over 10 billion RMB, Mobvista has transformed from a small team with a vision to a global technology platform with a purpose.

Cassie Cheng 2020-12-23

Looking forward: Five trends we think will define the mobile ad industry in 2021
After talking with many of our clients including developers, app publishers, major brands, e-commerce platforms and more, we’ve put together five key trends which we and our customers believe will have a significant impact on the mobile and digital landscape in the year ahead.

Vali Scorus 2020-09-22

Sean Song: How Mobvista Built a Data Security “Moat”
With the development of the mobile Internet industry and technological innovation, the amount of personal information has grown exponentially, resulting in increasingly stronger data security concerns.

Clement Cao 2020-07-27

Why Apple’s Decision to Limit The Use of IDFA in iOS 14 Will Cause Upheaval – and Opportunity – for The Mobile Advertising Industry
Even in an industry that has become used to innovation and rapid change, Apple’s announcement that it will protect the privacy of its users by making access to a devices’ unique identifier (IDFA) opt-in only, was a significant moment. 

Vali Scorus 2020-06-17

Free Ebook by Nativex: Reaching China’s Video Crowd with the Power of Bilibili
Check out our latest free ebook, where we take an in-depth look at Bilibili, aka the YouTube of China.


2019 annual financial results
Mobvista announced its strongest financial results to date, with revenues surpassing USD 500 million for the first time. Its programmatic advertising business continued to be a key component, with revenues increasing by 40.8% in the past year to reach USD 320.0 million.