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2019 annual financial results
Mobvista announced its strongest financial results to date, with revenues surpassing USD 500 million for the first time. Its programmatic advertising business continued to be a key component, with revenues increasing by 40.8% in the past year to reach USD 320.0 million.

Cassie Cheng 2020-03-16

How we created Mobvista’s new visual identity
The rebrand was about reflecting our new identity and showcase our new energetic selves. Redesigning a logo is an important part of what makes a new brand stand out, so here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we redid ours.

Clement Cao 2020-03-11

Mobvista and Nativex: Why We Have Rebranded
To better align our technology to our clients’ needs and power global commercial growth in the digital age,Nativex will become our worldwide customer-facing brand, while Mobvista will continue as a corporate ‘master brand

Valentin Scorus 2020-02-07

Singular ROI Index: Mobvista Is One of APAC’s Top Ad Networks
The 2020 Singular ROI Index has just been published and we are excited to reveal we were ranked as one of the top ad networks in the APAC region. Here’s what the ROI Index says about Facebook, Google, Apple, and TikTok.

Valentin Scorus 2020-01-20

Infographic: Mobvista’s 2019 Year in Review
2019 was a great year for us and we are extremely proud of all the things we managed to achieve thanks to our dedicated colleagues and partners. We put some of our key accomplishments in a nice infographic, check it out below!

Valentin Scorus 2020-01-09

What We Learned at the ad:tech Tokyo Conference
Ad:tech Tokyo, Asia’s largest marketing conference, was host to some of the largest companies in the industry. Mobvista had its dedicated booth at this event where we introduced our “Xplore China” initiative. Here’s what we learned at this event.