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Junyi Liu 2022-01-13

2021 Mobile Trends & Insights: A Look Back on The Past Year’s “New Normal”
Let us take you on a journey back through 2021 to look at the main aspects of the mobile internet industry, including its new landscape, traffic growth, user habits, and future trends.

Stella Zhu 2021-06-07

Why creative automation is essential for app marketers post-IDFA
Without the ability to use IDFA as an easy way to target new and existing users, there is more need than ever before for ad creatives to really deliver. 

Qiao Zeng 2021-05-27

Interview With Clement Cao & Tony Bai: What Drove Mobvista To Purchase Reyun?
What are the reasons behind the partnership between the two industry leaders? What specific conditions were agreed upon for this acquisition? How will the business and strategic goals change in the future? Morketing conducted an in-depth interview with Clement Cao, Co-founder and CEO of Mobvista, and Tony Bai, Founder and CEO of Reyun to find out more.

Clement Cao 2021-04-28

Reyun Joins Mobvista to Expand Our SaaS Tooling Ecosystem for Global Developers
Reyun’s market-leading technologies add another powerful component to our growing ecosystem of SaaS tools, providing full-stack mobile marketing SaaS solutions for global developers looking to enter the Chinese market.

Cassie Cheng 2021-04-22

Looking beyond IDFA: where next for mobile advertisers?
It appears that we are now only days or weeks away from these much-discussed changes to the mobile advertising landscape becoming reality.

Mobvista 2021-03-15

To Infinity and Beyond, 8 Years of Mobvista
Fast forward 8 years and with a market value of over 10 billion RMB, Mobvista has transformed from a small team with a vision to a global technology platform with a purpose.