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Russian games publisher Playkot Studio successfully brought its Age of Magic to Chinese gamers using Ocean Engine. See how Playkot chose the right advertising platform and overcome the difficulties with the help of Mobvista.

The Challenge

Russian games publisher Playkot Studio wanted to bring its latest title, Age of Magic, to Chinese gamers. Age of Magic is a  turn-based fantasy RPG that tells the story of legions of epic heroes fighting on the remnants of an ancient magical world. It includes multiplayer modes and is cross-playable between iPhone and iPads. 

There were several difficulties that Playkot encountered with the launch of Age of Magic in China.

Firstly, the process of completing all the necessary paperwork before launching is rather difficult.

Secondly, Playkot needed partners who could buy direct traffic on local social networks. So they set out to find reliable companies to work with, that offered normal commission rates and high-quality traffic.

Thirdly, because the market is so different, they had difficult decisions to make when it came to scaling up our acquisition campaign. At first they were afraid to invest a large budget, so they started by spending smaller amounts via their local partner and watched the results. As their confidence grew they began to increase the volume of traffic.  

In China it’s also essential to localise the in-game text and dialogue. Because of the amount of competition in the Chinese gaming market, attracting players becomes a vital part of any marketing strategy. Through various channels Age of Magic began to attract more Chinese players, but for such a large-scale project the growth wasn’t enough.

The Solution

Playkot started their campaign just with video ads on networks.  As Mobvista suggested, Playkot targeted new users via the short-form video platform, Douyin. Douyin has grown rapidly to the point that it is the leading short video platform in many markets. This made it a logical choice for a targeted campaign. But more importantly, as a video platform itself, Douyin users are used to seeing video ads, which is the best format for promoting mobile games because video lets you really show the action and features of the games. This helped Playkot achieve good results.

Bytedance, Douyin’s parent company,  has its own advertising platform called Ocean Engine, which is where the Mobvista began promoting Age of Magic. It covers all of the key products published by ByteDance; Toutiao, Douyin, Xigua Video, etc, which enabled Playkot to have access to a wider audience to target.

Mobvista team made creative video ad and also offered full support for Playkot including providing detailed weekly reports and regular real-time consultations, which enabled Playkot to keep testing and optimising the campaign.

The Result

          Cost Per Install

           Went down by 40%


Install Rate


among people who viewed the ads