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Convert your audience and reach your revenue goals with tools that work

Our platform provides developers like you with the tools you need to make your apps a success. Mobvista’s technology helps you increase revenues and boost engagement, letting you focus on building great apps.

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Earn More Revenue
More than 1000+ apps have unlocked their full earning potential thanks to Mintegral's mix of premium ad sources, tailored ad units and dynamic machine-learning algorithms.
Engage Users Creatively
Our innovative video and native ad formats tell compelling stories with the lowest possible user disruption, which allows you to engage users with creative and entertaining ads.
24/7 Support
With Mobvista, you're in safe hands. Our developer success teams provide a customized service that can help with your app design, let you estimate earnings and optimize campaigns in real time for better results. We'll be with you at every stage, helping you to succeed.


Manage your portfolio with our powerful Mintegral Platfrom

We developed Mintegral with developers in mind. This means you get more control of your campaigns and better support to reach your revenue goals. Powered by our proprietary video & native advertising technology, Mintegral delivers 'best in market' yields for developers through efficient use of targeting and diverse ad units.

Full Featured, Light Weight SDK
Our SDK has been engineered to take up a small footprint. This means it delivers faster load times and a better ad experience for your users.
If you have multiple apps, our platform offers a single point to upload and manage ads.
Flexible Integration
A simple API or SDK integration gives you access to millions of offers from top performing platforms, including Facebook Audience Network, Admob, and many more.
Filter Out the Competition
Simply enter relevant keywords and competitors into our intelligent platform, to automatically reserve the most effective advertising inventory.
Straightforward Reporting
Confused by technical jargon? Our reports provide you with a simple way to see the metrics you need to unlock better performing campaigns.
Customize How You Monetize
Adjust geo-location targeting at any time and easily prioritize sources so that the best offers with the best results are pushed to users.

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Premium Demand Sources

Connect to demand partners across the globe

Over 90% of our advertising partners work directly with us. Working with Mintegral, you get access to our global premium demand sources. We have also partnered with many of the best programmatic buyers in market-guaranteeing you the highest eCPM and a better fill rate.

Hassle-Free Integration
With one lightweight SDK, you can generate revenue with high-performing in-app ads in different formats.
Multiple Platforms
Mintegral works with developers across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
Innovative Formats
With full-screen, vertical or in-feed video and native ads both reward and non-reward views, our innovative ad formats help enhance the user experience rather than ruining it.

Supported Formats

  • Rewarded video

    The most successful ad unit in gaming advertising. It retains players' interests by incentivizing players to complete the games, maximizing engagement and user stickiness.

  • Native in-feed video

    Blend seamlessly into the context of the content, ensuring optimal user experience. Engaging videos result in higher conversion rate.

  • Non-rewarded native feed ad

    Target users in the context of organic content with higher engagement and less interruption. Integrated in the experience of the app for maximum impact.

  • Native app wall

    A stand-alone ad page powered by self-selecting visitors. Our non-rewarded format gives users a choice of relevant ads/apps. Generating quality non-incentivized users boost returns for developers and advertisers.

  • Native interstitials

    A powerful, high impact unit creating high levels of response. Our tailored solution ensures this maintains the look and feel of your app, creating minimal disruption for your users.

  • Native splash

    Grab users’ attention as they enter your app, to maximize conversions and boosting earnings.

  • Rewarded offer wall

    A non-intrusive format that rewards users for their interest. Provides excellent additional opportunities for audience monetization.

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