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May 25, 2020

Mobvista Publishes 2020 Mobile Ad Anti-Fraud White Paper 2.0 to Expand the Toolkit for Fighting Ad Fraud

In order to deal with ad-fraud in the advertising industry, how does Mobvista analyze this situation? What strategies will be made to solve this threat?

April 17, 2020

Highlights of Mobvista’s 2019 Financial Report: the strategy behind a 40.8% increase in programmatic advertising revenue
Mobvista's programmatic advertising division reached USD 320 million,what contributed to this achivement?

April 3, 2020

Mobvista’s revenues exceed USD 500 million, EBITDA grows to USD 51.6 million
Mintegral, Mobvista's programmatic advertising business, generates 60% of overall revenues, while the US, LATAM and EMEA grows to a 28% share of total global revenues across the group

March 23, 2020

China has a big plan to become the global centre of the games industry
Once again, China's sheer size and population give the games industry outsized influence on the world stage. The combination of a huge player base in China and the scale and resources of Tencent and others is accelerating the growth of Esports globally.

March 23, 2020

Is the mobile gaming market ready for hypercasual 2.0?
Though it's crowded at the moment, there is still room for developers and publishers to carve their own niche in the hypercasual market.Instead of the death of hypercasual, we think 2020 will see it evolve and provide better options for developers, publishers and gamers alike.

March 10, 2020

Mobvista Announces Worldwide Business Restructuring; Offers New Bespoke Services
Leading International Mobile Advertising Company Upgrades to Group Brand; All Of Its Previous Client-Facing Business to be Managed Under the Nativex Sub-Brand; Nativex To Provide Transparent, Omnichannel Buying Solution Through Its New Agency Trading Desk

September 27, 2019

Apple’s sinking in China — gaming could be its life preserver
The Apple Special Event on September 10 was a big newsmaker. Apple released Apple Arcade and the unusual triple-camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro. Find out Apple's current thinking and its future direction.