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Mobvista: Five Adtech Predictions for 2019
There is no question that 2018 was a year of drastic change for the adtech industry. What can marketers and brands expect in the year ahead? Vivi Wang of Mobvista offers up five predictions for 2019.


Mobvista: app-ads.txt – A new standard in tackling mobile fraud
The app-ads.txt tool will help combat fraud but it also underlines the importance of working with trusted mobile marketing partners.


Mobvista: How artificial intelligence will help human buyers overcome the problem of scale in mobile advertising
Mobile advertising has become one of the dominant – if not outright dominant – forms of digital outreach in the world. And the reason why it has done so is because of its ability to hit users at scale.


Mobvista Talks Mobile Ads in 2019, IPO and China’s Mobile Game Market – an Interview with Clement Cao
In light of Mobvista, the mobile advertising company, announcing its initial public offering (IPO) last week, we’ve spoken with Clement Cao, co-founder, executive director and president of the company about its vision for the future.