August 16, 2016

How Can Mobvista Maintain Long-term Leadership in Appsflyer Performance Index?

AppsFlyer, a world leading third party mobile marketing analytics platform, announced the latest AppsFlyer  Non-Gaming Performance Index for the first half of 2016, showing new changes in the ever-evolving mobile marketing industry. While the top30 sees new faces like Admitad, Mcent and Liftoff, the overall ranking reshuffles dramatically.

Another big thing is the performance of Mobvista, the No.1 mobile marketing platform in Asia. In the latest AppsFlyer performance index, Mobvista ranks 6th in iOS index and 4th in Android index, and is the only top6 mobile marketing platform for both iOS and Android after the big three giants – Facebook, Google and Twitter. It should be noted that Mobvista moves up 13 places for iOS retention ranking and 5 places for Android ranking.

In the mobile marketing dominated by internet giants,Mobvista has gained a firm foothold in industry rankings.Its robust development backed by its business model and strategy is rarely seen in the competitive mobile marketing industry.


In the AppsFlyer Performance Index released in February, Mobvista ranked No.3 in the Android Ranking (non-gaming) following Facebook and Google AdWords and No.1 in Asia. For iOS ranking, Mobvista was the only Chinese advertising network included in this ranking for two consecutive quarters. In the AppsFlyer Performance Index released in April and October, 2015, Mobvista was also one of the top3.  

Balanced Development in both iOS and Android Platforms 

Today, Android and iOS develops in tandem in mobile OS market. Plus Android’s market share in Chinese tier 2/3/4 cities and momentum in European market, it is natural for mobile marketing companies cover both platforms. 

According to 2015 China Mobile App Development Report released by Umeng at the end of last year, Android users prefer life-related apps while iOS users prefer health and leisure apps. In addition to consumer apps, Android users more frequently use custom apps like themes and wallpapers. iOS users use more business, productivity and healthcare apps.  

This shows that Android and iOS users have increasingly different preferences when selecting apps. Mobile market industry grows rapidly and the iteration cycle is reducing. When selecting partners for global promotion, app developers have to evaluate strengths of marketing platforms based on attributes of their mobile apps in order to reduce selection cost. This is why mobile marketing platforms have to cover both Android and iOS. From retention rate (quality) and total installs (quantity) investigated by AppsFlyer, Mobvista has the ability to acquire massive high quality users across the world.

In addition, balanced development on iOS and Android can be seen as a criterion to evaluate a mobile marketing platform’s strengths. Doing well in one platform – iOS or Android – doesn’t make a good company. The leading mobile marketing platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are the best examples.   

Enter Overseas Markets Steadily

 “Going out or death” – as Chinese mobile internet advances, more and more developers are entering overseas markets. As the No.1 mobile marketing platform in Asia, Mobvista’s traffic covers over 240 countries and regions. Mobvista started its businesses with international attributes and have world leading customers like Baidu, Alibaba, 360, Uber, PayTM, SGN and Electronic Arts etc. This year, Mobvista accelerated its globalization strategy by acquiring NativeX, an American native ad company, and Game Analytics, a famous game data analytics company in Europe, all in the first half of this year.

The seemingly aggressive acquisitions are two sound steps for Mobvista’s internationalization strategy: gain native ad source and big data. After the acquisitions, Mobvista can now provide one-stop mobile marketing solutions. Meanwhile, US and European markets will further become Mobvista’s playground.  

Plus its leading mobile game distribution platform – Vstargame – in Southeast Asia, Mobvista’s user acquisition and traffic monetization businesses are gaining more market share. In addition to the visible ranking, Mobvista is steadily entering more markets across the world. 

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