November 25, 2015

Mobvista Announces Listing on National Equities Exchange and Quotations

On November 25, 2015, Mobvista Co. Ltd.(“Mobvista”), announced  its listing on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) under the code of “834299”.

The NEEQ, is a national securities trading venue in China, mainly providing services for the development of innovative, entrepreneurial, or growth-oriented micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Starting operation in March 2013, Mobvista runs a global mobile digital marketing platform covering over 240 countries with over 10 billion daily impressions, and an overseas mobile game publishing platform. It also owns a user database covering over 2 billion devices and 2000+ user targeting labels. Its major customers include some of the world-leading enterprises such as Baidu, Alibaba, 360, Uber, King, Flipkart, etc.

In 2015, Mobvista established strategic cooperative relations with Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook, the world’s top3 mobile platforms. In Android Performance Index for e-Commerce, Travel and Utility Apps released by AppsFlyer, a mobile advertising tracking platform, Mobvista ranks the second right after Facebook. In Android Gaming Performance Index, it was the third after Facebook and Chartboost. Besides, Mobvista tops in Asia for both rankings mentioned above.

Mobvista raised Series-A funding of 12 million USD from round-leaders NetEase (Hong Kong) Limited and Midas Capital in October 2014, and Series-B funding of 200 million CNY from Shanghai Media Group, Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, Haitong Securities and China Securities in July 2015. After the Series-B funding, its estimated market cap has exceeded 2 billion CNY.

By listing on NEEQ, Mobvista will initiate a new round of fundraising to accelerate business growth and traffic monetization as Chinese mobile Internet companies are going global. At business level, it will enhance globalization and accelerate coverage in North America, Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia. At technology level, it will further improve the mobile advertising efficiency with SDK and big data.

Mobvista will continue to enrich its traffic eco-system and provide transparent, precision and stable services for global advertisers in areas like tools, games, social, e-commerce and brands.