April 27, 2015

Mobvista Came Up as the Dark Horse, Ranking Top 3 in Android Power Ranking

Mobvista ranked the 3rd on the list, following Facebook and Chartboost.

[April 27, Beijing] AppsFlyer, the leading mobile advertising measurement platform, released the latest Android Power Ranking (Gaming), setting new standards for the industry. As the global leading mobile content platform, Mobvista ranked the 3rd on the list, following Facebook and Chartboost.

AppsFlyer is a leading mobile advertising measurement platform that enables app marketers, brands, and advertising agencies to optimize their marketing spend by measuring their campaigns across more than 800 integrated mobile ad networks, including on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

“I’m excited to see that Mobvista reaches top 3 in Appsflyer’s ranking. We cannot make this achievement without the trust from our advertisers. Mobvista’s annual growth rate remains over 400% since it was founded. Our advertisers are constantly growing, ranging from the Greater China to SEA and Europe & America. Depending on our fast-growing premium traffic and consistently iterative advertising techniques, we are confident to build a more flexible, efficient and comprehensive traffic system. We will continue to provide the best services to worldwide advertisers.” said Robin Duan, the founder & CEO of Mobvista.

As quoted from Ronen Mense, vice-president of AppsFlyer Asia, Mobvista‘s performance is quite impressive on AppsFlyer’s data-monitoring over 0.2 billion clicks per month According to statistics, Mobvista showcases its leading advantages in SEA, and also manifests potent growth in Europea nd America.