February 23, 2016

Mobvista Ranks Top3 Worldwide and No.1 in Asia in Latest Appsflyer Performance Index

On February 22, AppsFlyer, a leading mobile marketing analytics platform, announced the latest AppsFlyer Performance Index, which fully evaluates advertising media’s marketing performance by tracking over 2.5 billion installs. Mobvista, the largest mobile marketing platform in Asia, ranks No.3 in the Global Android Power Ranking, following Facebook and Google AdWords; and No.5 in separate rankings of APAC, North America, Europe and Latin America. In AppsFlyer’s gaming and non-gaming performance index released in April and October in 2015, Mobvista also ranked top3. Becoming No.1 again in Asia has further enhanced Mobvista’s leadership in Asia’s mobile marketing market.

Mobvista Ranks No.3 in Android Performance Index (Non-Gaming)

Mobvista Ranks No.2 in Android Performance Index in Latin America (Non-Gaming)

Mobvista Ranks No.3 in Android Performance Index in APAC (Non-Gaming) 

Mobvista Ranks No.4 in Android Performance Index in North America (Non-Gaming)

Mobvista, with great mobile marketing capabilities, is the one and only Asian platform in such industry with top rankings in all AppsFlyer Gaming and Non-Gaming Performance Indexes (iOS/Android).

Mobvista’s Historical Rankings in AppsFlyer’s Performance Indexes

Since March 2015, AppsFlyer launched “Global Performance Index” based on comprehensive monitoring data from 1000+ mobile advertising networks, aiming to recommend trustworthy mobile digital marketing partners to advertisers. The “Global Android Performance Index” released on February 22 is the third of them. The index tracked 2.5 billion gaming and non-gaming app installs worldwide from October 2015 to January 2016. The rankings are determined by “overall performance” and “retention rate”, while the overall performance is based on “user retention score” and “total installs”.

Highlights of AppsFlyer’s observation on advertising networks over the past quarter:  

  • Facebook is the undisputed leader in mobile advertising.
  • Among ad formats for app installs, video advertising is dominant in retention across the board, this is especially true for iOS.
  • Among advertising sources, social networks deliver quality users, especially on Android.
  • Running on a diverse range of phones including many on the lower cost spectrum, Android dominates the Asian market. 

The report:https://www.appsflyer.com/resources/appsflyer-performance-index-mwc-2016/