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Spotlight on Singapore: MSIG, ShopBack, Essence and Rice on important local trends
Singapore, the small city-state in South East Asia, is one of the most important hubs in the APAC region for entertainment, finance, innovation, technology and trade. This edition, Mobvista addresses what to expect from the vibrant city in the month of June.


The Most Popular App Categories in China
We’ve taken a look at research from Statista to determine the most popular app categories in China and see how widely they’re used, the apps that are included within them and how they differ from international markets to give you the lowdown on the Chinese market.


At Double-Digit Rates Indonesia is the World’s Fastest Growing Market For Apps
Indonesia is a leading mobile-first nation with a rapid increase in the number of mobile users and this increasing availability of 3G and 4G services by several operators had a predictable domino effect on app consumption.


Google Update will Compel Marketers to Listen to Their Users
Any app marketer will know there is a conundrum with attracting new users to their latest offering.