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MarTech Interview with Clement Cao, Co-Founder, Executive Director and President, Mobvista
“It has been predicted that the value of the programmatic advertising market will increase to $69 billion by 2022.”


China is the World’s Next Silicon Valley | Opinion
China has long been tipped to be the next Silicon Valley but now the finances and support are in place to make it happen.


Why The End of China’s Video Game Market Freeze Does Not Mean a Return to The Status Quo
The great China game freeze is over. But why has the freeze ended? What changed at a government level to allow the embargo on releases to end? And what do these changes mean for developers getting games into the Chinese market?


Mobvista: Five Adtech Predictions for 2019
There is no question that 2018 was a year of drastic change for the adtech industry. What can marketers and brands expect in the year ahead? Vivi Wang of Mobvista offers up five predictions for 2019.