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Data and creativity are key for brands to establish their presence on super apps
In South East Asia Super apps are beginning to change the lifestyle needs of users are being met. Vivi Wang, Business development director for SEA at Mobvista tells how can brands their presence on this involving platform.


Where Instagram Goes, China Has Led the Way
Social commerce is pervasive in China and has already seen the rise. Video is seen as central to driving sales on the new social commerce apps. The huge success in China of combining social media and eCommerce (or rather mCommerce) could be repeatable in other markets.


Xplore China: How to Win The Biggest Mobile Games Market
Mobile Marketing caught up with Irene Yang, regional general manager, Asia & Europe at Mobvista, in the middle of the company’s Xplore China roadshow, to talk about the challenges facing app developers looking to acquire users in China, the rewards for overcoming them, and how to go about it.


The Most Popular App Categories in China
We’ve taken a look at research from Statista to determine the most popular app categories in China and see how widely they’re used, the apps that are included within them and how they differ from international markets to give you the lowdown on the Chinese market.