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Elevate your brand's impact with our in-house creative studio, Mindworks. Fueled by a team of design experts and exceptional global insights, we're here to deliver eye-catching, high-ROI creatives that truly resonate with your audience. Witness the magic as we transform your ideas into captivating visual experiences that engage and convert.

Take your playable and video ads to new heights with Playturbo. Embrace the future of advertising with Playturbo and bid farewell to the mundane, our state-of-the-art automated creative platform. Designed to revolutionize your playable ads, Playturbo streamlines the creative process and maximizes your ROI with unparalleled efficiency.

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Mintegral's global reach allows you to connect with the right audience anywhere in the world. Our advertising suite includes industry-leading algorithms, premium traffic, and captivating creative technology that engages and converts the users you want, maximizing your opportunity to grow.

Experience the XMP advantage as we revolutionize your acquisition strategies. Our multi-channel campaign automation, coupled with in-depth creative insights and data analysis, will help you fine-tune your approach and stay ahead of the competition.


Uplift your advertising and watch your revenue soar with our cutting-edge ad solutions. We're here to help you harness the full potential of every ad placement while preserving an exceptional user experience. Gain access to our premium traffic network and bolster your business with targeted ad inventory across diverse ad formats and app categories. Our proprietary algorithms and advanced technology ensure optimized bidding strategies that deliver impressive ROAS and higher retention rates.


Illuminate your performance and effortlessly extend user LTV with our state-of-the-art analytics platform. Stay ahead of the game with real-time reports on vital metrics, empowering you to identify issues and make data-driven decisions for app enhancements. Pinpoint & optimize with confidence. Unlock the full potential of your app by leveraging our platform's unique features and watch as your app soars to new heights of success.

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Working with Mintegral helped CrazyLab's UA campaigns get a sustainable boost. They were a key factor in optimizing CrazyLabs monetization strategies.




Ad Impression Increased

Mintegral’s exclusive relationships with hundreds of app publishers meant that we were able to access a lot of exclusive ad inventory,which was key to us being able to monetize our games successfully.




Daily Installs



Mintegral has proven to be a very strong user acquisition partner of ours. Their expertise in the Match-3/puzzle genre is evident through consistently bringing quality users for us and exceeding our ROAS.


Efficiency Increased


ROI Boosted by

The use of XMP has greatly improved Supercent's workflow efficiency. Campaign creation time was reduced by over 50% and multiple campaigns can now be created with just a few clicks on a single screen. XMP also allows for real-time updates to return on ad spend (ROAS) data, enabling the team to optimize campaigns immediately. With faster performance tracking and the reduction of repetitive tasks, Supercent was able to increase its ROI by 33%.


Timespend Reduced


Increased ROI by

XMP’s data reports are very convenient. Each team member can use XMP to view various sets of data directly. The once two-hour weekly meetings are now just half an hour long. By using XMP, various teams will be able to view all the data with ease.

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