XMP Empowers Advertisers with the First Intelligent Media Buying Platform Supporting Kwai for Business

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Discover how XMP, the leading intelligent media buying platform, supports advertisers in leveraging the power of Kwai for Business. Optimize your ad campaigns on Kwai and drive impactful results with XMP's advanced targeting and optimization capabilities. Try XMP Now!


We are thrilled to announce that XMP, a leading multi-channel media buying platform, is now the first of its kind to support Kwai for Business. With XMP, media buying teams can expect seamless campaign batch creation and streamlined campaign management, enabling users to create up to thousands of advertisements simultaneously. This integration can transform how media buying teams manage their campaigns on Kwai and improve the effectiveness of advertising on Kwai's platform.

Additionally, in conjunction with XMP's precise creative management, multi-dimensional data visualization, automatic campaign monitoring, and other powerful features, media buying teams can expect improved user acquisition (UA) performance on Kwai.


Gamegoing, a renowned global game developer and publisher, has garnered acclaim for its exceptional game quality and captivating gameplay experiences. With hit titles such as Jewel Blast 2020, Lucky Bingo, and Candy Crack, Gamegoing has surpassed an impressive milestone of over 100 million downloads, resulting in millions of monthly revenue. However, Gamegoing encountered challenges when it came to optimizing their advertising campaigns on Kwai, as the manual processes hindered their ability to conduct thorough A/B testing and identify the most effective campaigns and creative assets.

By incorporating XMP into their advertising strategy, Gamegoing witnessed a substantial increase in efficiency when it came to Kwai advertising. XMP's user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow made it effortless for Gamegoing to create and manage campaigns, freeing up valuable time for their optimization teams. This newfound efficiency empowered Gamegoing to conduct extensive A/B testing, enabling them to pinpoint high-performing ads and creative assets. As a result, Gamegoing achieved remarkable improvements in UA results, further solidifying their position as an industry leader.

"Before using XMP, we had to manually create Kwai campaigns, which severely hampered our efficiency when conducting cross-AB testing. Since implementing XMP, we can now split campaigns with a single click and duplicate multiple control groups effortlessly. What used to take an hour now takes just five minutes. Moreover, XMP enables us to manage cross-channel campaigns seamlessly from one platform. Our UA teams can dedicate more energy to campaign strategies and creative iterations thanks to the efficiency gains. Consequently, we have observed a substantial improvement in our advertising ROI."

- Sun Xiao, Game Going Marketing Director

The recognition and support from Kwai for Business further solidify XMP's position as a game-changing platform. "Kwai acknowledges XMP as the first third-party platform to integrate with Kwai MAPI and understands XMP's profound understanding regarding the major global media channels. The success stories and expertise accumulated by XMP make them the natural choice for our first collaboration. We firmly believe that XMP provides the media buying team with a user-friendly solution for batch creation and managing Kwai ads. The personalized features of XMP enhance the efficiency of ad management and buying results for our clients, delivering impactful outcomes."

- Du Zheng, the Head of Kwai for Business

About XMP

XMP is the first cross-channel media buying platform designed for app marketers, offering a cross-channel dashboard, a reporting solution with multi-dimensional and visual data analysis, and creative management capabilities. With XMP, app marketers can effortlessly create campaigns, upload new assets and automatically manage campaigns across global top media platforms such as Google, Meta, and TikTok for Business and SDK Ad networks, including Mintegral, AppLovin, Unity Ads, and Vungle, while also tracking advertising and revenue performance. Contact the XMP team today to start your journey to success!

About Kwai

As a leading social networking platform for short videos, Kwai's products have spread to over 30 countries around the world with over 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU). Kwai for Business has launched a variety of social advertising products such as brand advertising, in-feed ads, brand challenges, and more. These products will be able to meet the marketing needs of businesses at different stages of their campaigns.

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