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Interview with TipTop: Amplifying Global Success with Minimal Resources Using XMP

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TipTop, a mobile app and game developer experiences consistent global growth since its establishment in 2018. XMP helps TipTop improve efficiency in data and promotes an innovative media buying approach. In this case study, we'll have a direct conversation with the co-founder of TipTop to talk about their partnership with XMP.


TipTop, a mobile app and game developer founded in 2018, has established a strong presence in over 200 countries and regions. Despite having a small advertising team consisting of only four individuals, TipTop has experienced consistent growth thanks to its innovative media buying approach.

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with Fan Bai, co-founder of TipTop, who provided valuable insights into the company's growth strategies, and the pivotal role played by XMP, Mobvista's cross-channel media buying platform. By leveraging XMP, they have been able to further improve their results, demonstrating how the right technology can help even the smallest teams achieve big results.

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How to Optimize Sub-Channels with Minimum Resources?

Typically, when advertising on SDK networks, sub-channels refer to specific channels where ads are displayed. These channels can include app categories, genres, targeting parameters, and other criteria that help advertisers reach their desired audience. However, analyzing ad performance across sub-channels can be challenging due to the complexity of data. Accurate metrics are essential for guiding bid adjustments and optimizing campaigns for better results.


Fan explained that XMP offers personalized optimization methods for sub-channels on the SDK platform. This feature analyzes overall metrics across multiple sub-channels, such as sub-channel rank, eCPM, CPI, IVR, ROAS, LTV, and more. By comparing the data with the overall performance, it becomes possible to refine the analysis of each campaign's data performance on various sub-channels. This enables the identification of unprofitable campaigns and sub-channels, while increasing investment in campaigns and sub-channels with favorable conversion effects.

To optimize ROI, TipTop used monetization data to optimize media buying strategies. TipTop generally uses eCPM benchmarks from varying timeframes to control buying costs. Additionally, they analyze retention and conversion data of top-performing games to optimize media buying and frequency, ultimately achieving the best monetization performance and stable revenue growth. As a result, TipTop was able to double revenue generation from its Mintegral platform while ensuring a positive ROI.

Improving Efficiency with Accurate Data by XMP

Through the entire process of buying and monetization optimization, continuous A/B testing is required to improve product capabilities and advertising strategies. Therefore, efficient advertising setup and accurate and timely data are essential for success.

By utilizing XMP's bulk creative upload feature across various media channels, TipTop has achieved a remarkable 70% reduction in ad creation time. This has provided them with the opportunity to conduct more frequent A/B testing and optimize their advertising strategies efficiently.
In the realm of advertising, the quality of data plays a pivotal role in shaping effective strategies and driving successful outcomes. XMP offers an extensive suite of data analysis tools to empower TipTop with invaluable insights into the performance of their advertising campaigns.

Leveraging powerful algorithms, XMP enables TipTop to make swift, data-driven decisions by accurately predicting user trends. The integration of these tools has greatly enhanced the efficiency of purchasing and the accuracy of data, ultimately contributing to TipTop's global success.

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